A litte belated in wishing you all a very Happy New Year, but I’m here. I’ve missed you!  How are you finding yourselves settling into this incredible new year of possibilities? After a whirlwind of travel in 2016 and with even more to come, I find myself more inspired than ever. I hope to pass on a bit of the whimsy and adventure I have collected to you all throughout the upcoming year through words and art. The places may change. The people. An identity or two, but the heart stays the same. Open and free and welcoming to anything life has to unveil.

I searched delicately and throughly for a word to live by this year. After listening to suggestions from friends, family and strangers (thank you to all) I came to the word I can only deem the most fitting for 2016.

L I M I T L E S S.

I have not set out with intentions to climb a list of resolutions that I so often do at the beginning of each new year. For these 365 beautiful gifts, I chose to not limit myself to what can fit on paper.  I’m in search of more. So much more at this point in life. My hands want to create. My heart wants to give. My soul wants to connect. We should be living more.

Limitless describes a way of life in which you give yourself no restraints on how far you can go. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. You know I’m a dreamer. How can you be an artist and not be. I’m not all head stuck in the clouds though.  I admit to spending a lot of time there, but in reality i’m a doer. A once scheduled and organized doer, now a more open believer in the possibilities of a limitless existence with success. I took chances on so many factors of my life last year, that the good it resulted in has me convinced that fear slows us down. Thinking too much before leaping can have you convincing yourself to never leap at all.

There are so many ways to hinder moving forward in life. Don’t you think we can just break away from all the rules and limitations we give ourself in an attempt to knock out fear for a little while. Maybe don’t make a resolution that you will probably end up letting burn out and in effect making yourself feel like less of a person for doing so. Why do we have to keep letting ourselves down? Set your goals! Please by all means aim for success in every aspect of your life, whether it be getting healthier, volunteering more, finding that dream job, getting the girl… or boy, climbing a mountain, being who you always wanted to! Why set a limit to it? A date. A time. A number? Just move in that direction. Work hard. Be kind. Give this year everything you’ve got, without limits. Without the fear of failing, maybe we can become or do even more than just the list we limit ourselves to.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always respected goal oriented ways of life. I just think every person is truly courageous and we do ourselves a disservice to let the fear of failure take that away from us. Not only for what we can do in our own lives but in others. It may take a bit of discipline, as motivation is not always present and change is inevitable. Keep at it. Be the best version of yourself that you can be with each day and each challenge. I’m here for you if you need someone, but you probably have an army of love and support standing behind you already. Reach out! You don’t need to do it alone. It’s more fun with a friend anyways.

As far as the blog is concerned, I’m here to stay for the journey. I hope you are too.  I do so love you all for continuing to navigate this world with me with your support, likes and comments. Each has a way of spiraling me further and I can’t say it enough, Thank You. 

The art continues, as promised. A little step by step process for you to see how this hooded HEROINE came to be foraged in the night. I’m obsessed with cosmic watercolor painting right now. The unknown. The expansiveness. The nature of the universe being limitless has me grasping for paint and paper.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I leave you with this…


Are you on instagram? Come find me! I post a lot of my daily art there. I want to see what you’re up to as well. What are your hobbies? See you there! ~ ALISABELZIL


4 thoughts on “H E R O I N E

  1. Alisa this is magical, LOVE watching the process. Limitless is a great way to follow that creative path anything is possible. I will enjoy watching your art evolve even more this year. When we look back at how far we have come just by experimenting and following your passion.

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