How to Avoid Complete and Utter Passion Project Fizzle


Motivate ~ Watercolor and Graphite Wash 9×12

You did it.  You finally found exactly what you were destined to do with your life, or in a more realistic capacity you have figured out what it is you might want to do with the rest of your life.  You get everything set up just the way you want it in your head.  You decide it’s time for a change. You have researched for so long that you can barely hold up your eyelids.  You have talked to people and sent feelers out into the world you want to be a part of.  You financially figure out a plan to support this dream, or more realistically wing it, and you are motivated.  Maybe someone inspired you to take a leap of faith. Maybe you woke up one day and decided to just DO IT.  However you got to this exact point in time, you are in the moment with guns blazing and ridding off into the sunset at the speed of light.  It’s a great feeling.  It’s a high that ignites your creativity and sends you reeling into a new place in your life.  You want this so bad and you will do anything to get it!

A month. A week or even a few days in you hit a few obstacles.  Ok, you say. I can handle a few hiccups.  I want this bad enough.  I’ll power through.  You’re still flying on high, so these road blocks could never deter your concentration and drive.  A few more days and weeks begin to push back and you feel yourself slip.  Just a little.  You remind yourself why you wanted to pursue this dream in the first place.  Your dream begins to look a little dimmer.  A little less vivid.  More weeks, or even more months pass now, and though you have made small strides and changes to get to where you want to be, you have not succeeded in the way you thought you would have by now.  As the high begins to dim a little more, you begin to fill the voids with what seems like menial daily life that quickly sucks you back to where you were before you hopped on the blazing saddle.  You make excuses.  You begin to question why the heck you even decided to change your direction in the first place.  This is so hard, you might say.  Things were fine, right?

NO DUM DUM! Things were not fine! That is why you made the change in the first place.  This is the moment that we all have succumbed to before.  The moment where we can either withdraw to the familiarity of an easy existence or push back and wake up before you get sucked back in!  Since I am an avid participant in the latter, I am here to share  a few tips to help you pull yourself out of the black hole syndrome and avoid complete and utter passion project fizzle.

  1. REDEFINE! The reason/s you started this passion project or life change may not be the same now.  Redefine. Reinvent. We change every single day and nothing will ever stay the same.  You can’t expect to stay the course when the course is continually shifting. Shift with it. Just go with it, and if you hit a bump redefine again.  It’s ok. Be easy on yourself.  You may feel strong and invincible one day, but the next you may feel like gum on the bottom of your shoe.  Redefine.
  2. BE PRESENT IN YOUR DAILY LIFE!  The new you still has the old you responsibilities.  Yes, you still need to keep up with washing the dishes in your sink, making sure there is toilet paper in your bathroom and food in your refrigerator.  Know that you may want to check out completely, but you still have to keep up with your daily life.  Take a shower. Meet your friends for coffee or a beer.  Go to your day job, and make damn sure you are awake and present while you do it all.  You still have bills to pay and relationships to nurture.  These little tasks help us propel toward our dreams.  Even though you may not be spending every waking second working toward your dream, you are still living and moving forward.  Be present and don’t let the sweet moments pass by however big or small they may be.  They matter.  This is your life. It’s not about getting to the finish line. It’s about the journey.
  3. CHECK OUT! Ok, I know I’m contradicting tip #2, but sometimes you need to just let your brain bomb.  Go for a run. Blast some music.  Scream into a pillow. Take a nap. Eat a box of cookies without shame. Write. Create. Sit on the couch and stare at the wall. Whatever makes you happy. DO IT!  (please note that staying in a suspended state of #3 is not an option, however elated you may feel.)  Please set an alarm.
  4. MOTIVATE! Whether you let someone else help you or you find ways to do it yourself, stay motivated.  Not all the time.  It’s not possible.  Take time to breathe, and then find those little triggers that help you turn the old clicker back on at least once a day.  What gets you responsive the quickest?  Sometimes all it takes is a good quote or a good person in your life to help you feel like you can get the motivation back.  Whatever works!  If all else fails, crank up the cold water in your shower and hop in. Wake UP people! It’s going to take work.
  5. DO SOMETHING FOR OTHERS! This may be the most important one guys.  It’s exhausting to think about yourself and your current situation constantly.  It’s just not good.  Get out of your head and do something for someone else.  Tell someone you are thinking about them or pay for someone’s coffee in line behind you.  Lift someone else up, because it’s those moments that we don’t even realize that we need it that someone in our life gives us a boost. Just be a good human!
  6. GRATITUDE!  Thank you!  It’s that simple. Say thank you!!! Thank people for the love they give you. The support they show you.  The many ways they put up with you.  Thank whatever higher power you believe in.  Send it up! Even if you think you have no one, someone is there looking out for you.  You are not alone, and you need to say THANK YOU.  That means you recognize that you did not get here all by yourself, and you will have a hard time making it to the finish line if you aren’t aware and grateful for the many ways this universe provides you with the help you need.

If all this seems like a lot of work just to stay on the straight and narrow, it’s because it is.  You can’t be the best version of you if you don’t put the work in and take care of yourself along the way.  Do the work. Fight for what you want, but make sure you don’t burn out.  Don’t let that dream fizzle out!  Remember it’s a climb and you will get there.  It might not be tomorrow or next month, but you will get there!

Please feel free to email me or leave a comment here on the blog if you have a story you want to share or talk about. (You can find my email under the contact tab in the Menu)  I’m here for ya! We all have a story.  Don’t be afraid to share it.  Maybe someone is fighting the same one and we can help each other out.


This was my 100th blog post!  Thank you! I love you guys!!!


13 thoughts on “How to Avoid Complete and Utter Passion Project Fizzle

  1. What a great post! The hidden side of reaching for new things – that we get them, celebrate, and then say, “oh crap!” You are so right about how when the “high” fades, you have to figure out how to get it done. For me often fear creeps in. Can I really do this?! I’ve come to realize that if I commit the time and do the work, I can do it. But when I’m feeling less than confident I’ll procrastinate for while before I finally sit down and get to work. You must be elated to be through the other side. To have accomplished an entire book! Hope you are celebrating it and your 100th post! yeah! Congratulations! 🙂

    1. We all fall into it!? And you are so right, if you commit to the work and the time, you can keep that momentum moving a little easier. Don’t let fear take over your drive though. YOU are an incredible artist and the bounds of creativity you hone are inspiring. Keep pushing yourself! 100 posts is crazy. I feel like it should be much more in two years, but time really gets away. Yes, I celebrated! As far as being on the other side, it’s never quite what you think it will be. It kind of spirals and becomes an even bigger project with more to look forward to. I don’t think there is an “other” side. Just little mile markers and a reason to keep working hard. Thanks again for the comment and as always your support!

    1. Thank you my friend! I feel like it should be more in two years haha. But there is only so much time in a day. Thanks for all your support, on every post! I’m eager to get over to your blog this weekend and indulge in these photos from your workshop…I’ve seen a peek, and they are INCREDIBLE. Gorgeous and dreamy. See you over there soon 🙂

      1. Alisa, it is not the numbers that matter. If I come over and there is no new post, I look through your old posts and smile 🙂 Right now, I picture your frog in my mind 🙂
        Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

      2. My heart is so happy! Thank you for this message today. It’s my passion to help people smile a little more. Have a wonderful weekend on your side of the world too Inese 🙂 Big hug to you

  2. Alisa I find there are days when Im slow to begin my projects. A new day always brings with it renewed energy. And reading this wonderful inspirational posts such as this always sets me on the write creative track for the day. Your illustration is spectacular.

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