Illustration Friday, Old

I’m back for another Illustration Friday! This week’s topic is Old.  This is a concept piece I worked up for a children’s book that I was developing with one of my amazing writer friends.   I am not sure I am ready to let go of it just yet, so I’m throwing it out there for one last spin in cyberspace.  I felt it was too dark for the opening of a book for little ones but maybe an older crowd would be more appropriate?  I don’t know about you, but I tend to run through journal after journal working ideas that never come to finalization. I do know that when the right idea is there it feels one hundred percent right! Maybe we’ll get there.  If not, here’s to Mr. Frog.

Mr. Frog

10×8 – watercolor, gouache, & watercolor pencil, oil pastels


12 thoughts on “Illustration Friday, Old

  1. It is wonderful Alisa, so much detail but I do get it, I am the same with my work, we are constantly saying to ourselves it needs a little more tweaking and yes when its right we know don’t we. Only we will know. I have been playing around with the what if’s of my page layouts, trying to create different angles, close up etc. Its all good fun and visiting your space always boosts my motivation, you are such a talented soul. thank you for sharing your art.

    1. Yes. Exactly, Kath – always trying to find those interesting angles and close ups can be a huge job. I love when I finally get to the painting stages, because the design and sketch takes so very long to flow just right in a sequence. I always know that when I get that opener right, the rest will come quickly. Thanks for leaving your encouraging words. So nice to share the illustration journey with you, especially knowing well that you go through the same cycles of trial and error. You inspire me always! And Mr. Frog is supposed to be a funny little character, so I need to do some work on him. My husband says he looks creepy, haha.

      1. One of the hardest things I found challenging at the start of this crazy picture book dreaming was taking my real life animal pics and capturing expressions on my calf, slowly getting there. Alisa I was doing it all wrong not spending enough time on roughs and going straight to rendering final art.Then wondering why I had to do it all over. Now I’m just doing small roughs in pencil, then larger roughs, then layout and finally I will do the finished product. So much to learn. Ps Im a huge fan of frogs creepy or otherwise, look forward to seeing him evolve maybe show us the stages, I would be fascinated to see that.

      2. Oh I agree, facial expression is so important! And the hardest part. Practice practice! I too took the wrong path painting hours into final art ahead of really mapping out the book. I learned to sketch out the entire book in pencil at 4×5 or and then scan it into my computer and size it up before retracing and actually painting. Things I suggest… A scanner and a light table to retrace onto your final art paper. This saves me hours. Xo

      3. Cool I just made up my first tiny mock up booklet, it really helps me see what each page spread needs, now onto black and white sketches, yes I have a scanner but its not a good one and I find my camera does a better job. A Light box would be good though for the final art.

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