Life is a Canvas

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Grow. To be honest, I began this painting last week when the topic was, nature. I didn’t quite have things mapped out in my head, and frankly I had been having a bit of a rough week. To my delight, this week’s topic became the whole inspiration in completing this illustration. I had to dig a little deeper and come out of the week’s funk before I could paint life back into this illustration. Art is therapy, literally!

Life is a Canvas

Life is a Canvas – Watercolor & Gouache 9×12


21 thoughts on “Life is a Canvas

  1. It literally is, for me, anyway! Wow, Alisa, I LOVE this. Totally love it! Whatever you did to breathe life in, it worked in spades! Hopefully your week is getting a bit better. Usually if I can make something beautiful (like this), it can pull a day/week out of the dumper, for sure! Rock on, Wild Child! 💜💜💜

    1. Haha thank you, Laura! So much energy and encouragement from you! Thank you so much, sweet friend. It was just one of those weeks. We all have them, and this one was just a sink hole. But, some inspiration found, some smiles exchanged, and something fun to look back and remember it wasn’t so bad, and things are getting better 😄

    1. Eileen! Thank you! There is always a story when I follow a word prompt for some reason. I always pull from memory. I’m sure I could write a story for every character, but so much comes from my childhood or my kids. It’s just like taking a picture, to make memories last 🙂 Art therapy!

  2. Filled with fun 😃 and Sun 😃 and when in earth did you have the time, girl?! 😊 however you squeezed it in, I’m so glad you did! As with all of your paintings, the word that comes to mind is “Magical!”

    1. I remember you sending me to Illustration Friday last year and I never had the time for it either. It’s really so much fun if you can commit though! Hopefully you’ll get some time again to hop back in! Maybe your daughter too? I know she is busy sketching away just like her talented mom!

      1. I need to get myself a schedule time is just slipping away with kids n school etc. I want to finish my picture book. Just finished craftsy course on how to illustrate one. very interesting and has given me some new insights. Happy painting my friend.

      2. Kath, I took the same course on crafts. She was so helpful and it really gives you a “bigger picture” way to look at you book design. I sketched and re-sketched until my floor was covered in eraser leftovers. I wish you all the luck in the world with your book/s to come. I hope we will be sharing our stories together soon. 🙂 Happy sketching.

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