Sea Treasure ~ Children’s Illustration

Hello! I realize it’s been some time since my last post. I have not been lounging in a beach chair letting my art supplies dry out, though it may seem that way with the number of posts I have managed this summer. I’ve been working! I keep juggling the idea of sharing the book art I have been working on but have been advised on so many levels that we have not reached that phase in completion to do so. Are you writing a children’s book? What is your take on sharing final art from your books in progress? The number one piece of advice I keep getting is: Don’t share anything until it’s done!  Announcements are coming, I promise, but these things take time. Months. Even years. I really hope it’s not years.  Really, really, really hope it’s not years.

So what happens to my blog in the meantime? I know some people switch to illustrator websites exclusively, but I’m just not comfortable with doing that. You all have been here by my side cheering me on and encouraging me to follow my dreams, so the last thing I want to do is abandon this blog and you! I thank you all for being my inspiration and support, and I’m telling you I’m not going anywhere! In fact, I decided to remedy this sporadic blog posting with jumping on the Illustration Friday wagon. I’ve entertained the idea in the past but never felt like committing to a weekly word prompt.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Illustration Friday, you can check out the website here. Every Friday, they post a new word prompt for inspiration. Once you have posted your illustration to your website, you can link it to their website and join a fun community of artists who have also shared their artwork. It’s amazing to see the talent and imagination floating around out there. I thought this would be a fun way to keep myself accountable while I bury myself in these longer projects. I’ll stay better connected to you all and this incredible art community we are a part of.

This week’s prompt is Treasure. The little girl above may be me years ago. My grandfather told me one summer on the Florida Coast that he would pay me a quarter for every fish I caught with a tiny handheld net. Of course, I never caught a fish, but I found myself wading in the water for hours finding shells and almost catching beautiful little silver fish all week long.  It’s how I learned to love the ocean.


Sea Treasures

Illustration in watercolor, watercolor pencil, gouache.  


15 thoughts on “Sea Treasure ~ Children’s Illustration

    1. Thank you, Janna 😊 I love how word prompts always make you dig a little deeper. Have you tried writing from word prompts for fun? Thanks for leaving me a note today!

  1. Alisa this is such a whimsical illustration, (adorable). Good luck with your picture book. I am the same with not knowing if I should share my picture book illustrations. My sister who works for a publishing firm recommends that when I have the real illustrations completed that I should not share them at all. I have been sharing the odd draft image but I think from here in I will keep it under wraps. Are you self publishing or taking the traditional route? Wishing you much success no matter what you do, your art deserves to be enjoyed by children all over this globe.

    1. Thank you! This picture book business is a learning process for sure, but I don’t think there is any one way or another to do it. Lots of research, that’s for sure. I actually love how you use your picture book as a topic on your blog, but I can also see how it’s easy for someone to spark an idea from your idea and run. I think it becomes more set in stone If you are a hired illustrator for a publishing company, but if you are self publishing, you can use early exposure for self promotion. I’m working with a partner on my projects now, so I’m trying to keep things quiet until announcements are made. I can’t wait to see your book when you get it out! Count on me as an adoring fan and my kids too! Love your work and the pencil art is incredible. Perfect for a picture book!!!

      1. Most of the time I don’t, unless it’s for my monthly contribution to Raincoat Mag. I really like the way prompts lead to different interpretations– super fun to see how a single word can spark so many different ideas from different people!

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