Home is where the butt sits…

Home is a great place to be. After a whirlwind two weeks driving cross country to our final desitnation with family in California, and a total of seven states, 70 hours in a rental van, and 4,824 miles behind us, home is a really great place to be.  I never knew I could miss something like my couch so much, but suede never felt so good on my butt.  The joyful happiness of spending time with family is immeasurable though, and we are so thankful to have had the time to take our family to be with them and all our wonderful new friends.  Life seems brighter, happier, and more positive now.  People are funny like that.  They have a way of entering your heart and giving you gifts of love you never knew you were missing.  If you are lucky enough for them to let you give a little love back, you momentarily feel like this world is pretty flawless, if only innocently for a few days.  It’s a new perspective, new hope.  Everyone should remember what that feels like at some point.

That’s is what I love about vacations.  They let you escape for a bit from reality and remember the world outside your tiny bubble.  After almost 4 years here in Illinois now, our family needed it more than ever.  Though the journey was long, I will never forget Panda’s face the first time he saw the Rocky Mountains, or the moment he and Fox first felt the sand and waves of the Pacific Ocean inbetween their toes.  I’ll always remember the way their grandparents spoiled them with hugs and attention, kisses with cotton candy, and funny little things like hunting for ‘brown treasures’ in the backyard with Grandpa (little presents from the dogs).  The sun had a way of recharging our souls and the wind of the desert blew away troubles from home that didn’t really seem like troubles anymore.  It was a long beautiful adventure and one we will never be able to let go of.  

Each day since our return, our daily routine has returned slowly in a way.   The span of time seems a little different, the summer seems longer, and cooking dinner and tucking my kids in at night seems like less of a routine and more a priviledge.  I will always treasure California and the people in it, but it is so good to be home feeling refreshed.  

The question I have been asked the most since my return is, “Did you get to sketch while you were gone?”  As much as I wished there had been time for watercolors and a love affair with the scenery at Santa Monica Pier, there just wasn’t time.  I even left my camera in my bag during much of the time that I would normally have had it glued to capturing those candid moments.  I think I spent more time just taking it all in.  That’s pretty rare for me.  I love my camera, but I love the experience more.  Another learning process for me.  I did pull out a pencil and journal through the Rockies and Utah, just to have a reference for making a scrapbook or photobook of our trip. That’s about it for art though.  

When I returned home, I did a little sketching of the California poppies that I adored seeing growing in random spots all over California.  Since it is taboo to pick them, I’ll settle for the memory of them in a little maison jar.  I’ll save it with all the little ticket stubs, parking passes and room keys we gathered along the way and hopefully be able to make a little keepsake with them.  

I’ve missed you all! I’m eager to see what you have been up to this summer in life and in your art! 


10 thoughts on “Home is where the butt sits…

    1. Thanks, Annie! Wonderful getting to finally meet you and spend time with you. You’re the best 🙂 Somehow, we’ll see you soon! Enjoy being walking distance from the ocean for those of us who wish we could!

  1. Boy what a beautiful post, in every way. You’ve been missed, too!! But I’m so glad you had this chance. You brought back memories of a cross country trip with my sister from her college on the LA suburbs when I was a teen. A priceless trip I’ll never forget. I’m so glad you got to share this with your kids. And I absolutely adore your poppies. Welcome home, Alisa!

    1. Thank you! So sweet of you! The drive is crazy but the memories, they are just unforgettable, yes? I’ve missed you too and had so much fun catching up on your artwork today. I’m always inspired to… GET TO WORK! Haha

  2. Wow, I am so glad you had such a wonderful time! What an exciting jorney for your boys – the mountains, the ocean, and of course the Legoland 😉 I didn’t know it is forbidden to pick the Californian poppies, and I really glad it is. Of course there is no place like home, but one has to travel to learn it. Wonderful post, thank you for sharing it, Alisa. About the photographs – even that you didn’t take them with your camera, they are in your heart 🙂

    1. Thank you, Inese! You do have to travel to appreciate home. One day I’ll finish traveling the world, and maybe the kids will want to come too 🙂 I’m always torn on getting my camera out all the time. I have to say, I may not remember all the frames I could have taken, but I will always remember how they felt 🙂 just as you said.

  3. Sounds like the perfect holiday Alisa. Love the poppies and eager to see how you create, after such a wonderful break. Nice to see you home and safe too. Im betting you will have loads of inspiration.

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