The smell of fresh cut flowers

It’s the smell that marks the beginning of spring.  The cut of fresh green floral stems. A family of tulips returns at the beginning of every spring to our front garden, and lilac blooms along the side of our house and turns your head with perfume so sweet.  My eyes close, and the memory is marked with the scent of spring forever in my mind.  That is the spring I am looking forward to, and that is all I could think about painting today.

“Fresh Cut Spring” – watercolor 


13 thoughts on “The smell of fresh cut flowers

    1. Oooh, lovely time of year for you. What will you be sketching? I can’t help but adore the little spring blooms, but for now a little snow is still happening. The flowers are peeking up and the cold is fighting. Anything can happen 🙂

    1. Haha that’s awesome! Thank you! We all know these scissors well. If you don’t have a pair yourself, your family did at some point right 🙂 I can still remember my grandmother’s old pair that I crafted with as a child.

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