She has a story…

Happy St. Patrick’s day! Everyone seems to be instantly happy on a treasured day like today, so I would like to contribute to the ongoing joy with announcing that, THANKS TO ALL YOUR HELP, the first of my illustrated characters finally has a story to call her own! 

When I sent out a call for writers, I had no idea if anyone would respond, let alone find so many magical ways to complete this picture with words.  I am so grateful for all creative ideas you took the time to put into words and share with me.  I received many different scripts and emails ranging from one word captions like “dance” to character names and stories of painting the skies with watercolors and raindrops. You made picking just one immensely difficult.  Not one idea was the same as the other, and I couldn’t figure out if that was a good thing or bad thing for an illustrator at first.  It made me realize that just as pictures can help visualize words to their full potential, I have been missing the potential in these little characters I have painted by not giving them writen stories.  Thank you all for your attention and joyful collaborations! My eyes are wide open and will be looking to some exciting new projects throughout this year, thanks in part to much of the feedback from this post. 

So here are the words of a writer I have been an admirer of for over a year now, KIM GOSSELIN! She has a poetic depth in all her work that gives her readers such insight and detail into her heart every time she tells a story.  I am so honored to have a story to tell with you!  Thank you, Kim.

You can find more of Kim’s work on her blog at Please link over to a world where family is the most important treasure in the world, and life unfolds in realistic journeys of love and endurance.  Here is our finished piece! 

Written by Kim Gosselin                                                      Illustrated by Alisa Belzil 


11 thoughts on “She has a story…

  1. Alisa this is so gorgeous. They say when we share our ideas they become bigger than we could ever imagine. It takes a team of people to help us on our way with our dreams. Simply beautiful.

    1. Thanks Kath! You said it. Every step in the direction is made possible by the help that we get from those that care and help. Thanks for inspiring, and for the character Emily. I might keep that!

  2. Thank you, Alisa for your sweet and kind words. Your artwork needs little imagination to jump off paper pages. Taking pleasure in paimted dreams to come.

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