A Collage Journey

I folded a paper airplane for my son. He seemed mildly amused watching it smack into the ground and hit the walls. My aerodynamics were a bit off, to put it lightly. Enter Dad. All of a sudden, a stealth fighter pilot is soaring his new and improved jet across the living room saying, “Now that’s an airplane!” I lost the battle of the paper airplane.

I decided to brush up on my paper skills and took to Pinterest for a tutorial on folding paper, or Origami.

I would make a paper boat.

The first tutorial was not as uncomplicated as I would have liked, but ten minutes later I had a little two inch newspaper scrap sailboat. As much as I wanted to wake Panda up from his nap and show him what I’d made for him, I knew the minuscule size of the boat would not impress. There was no engine or boosters on this tiny boat. I was going to let Dad win this round and put my little boat into my next illustration.

Piece by piece, my collage came together over the course of four days.

First, the newspaper sail boat.


The sail. A toothpick and more newspaper.


Paper boy doll. I began sketching him on softer watercolor paper. I modeled him after my son with his big panda bear eyes and crazy hair.


The lightness of his hair did not compliment the illustration as a whole. I actually had to cut his head off and replace it with another face that I think helped bring the background forward and not isolate the solar background.



9×12 mixed media collage, Adventure Time


Materials include: watercolor, newspaper, modge podge, toothpick


11 thoughts on “A Collage Journey

    1. Thank you for that, Kath! Inspiration is everywhere and I’ve got too many things going on in my head. Why I never explored collage as an adult, I don’t know. I know I love it though šŸ™‚

  1. I also really love the way you hung this up. Was this just for the blog, or is it still hanging that way? I love it! Your blog really is an inspiration, Alisa. Thanks for sharing your process too; I find those posts especially helpful.

    1. I’m so happy you can take away something from the process pics. I always want to know how artists get certain things done and I believe we should share. I try and give out what I can to help others with their art too. Love seeing you here and having a new friend šŸ™‚ thanks!

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