Beware the Fox!


I love my Inktense pencils when I want to go bold, and I was feeling festive from carving our pumpkin yesterday. We brought home a green pumpkin from the patch thinking we were going to turn him into The Incredible Hulk, but sadly our pumpkin began to turn orange with the warm spell that snuck up on us this past week. We are superhero central here this Halloween, and as the only female in the house I know my desire to paint and carve Martha Stewart design pumpkins will never come to pass. After spending some time looking over ideas to replace The Hulk, we settled on Captain America’s Shield. It turned out looking kind of ‘pretty’ in the end, so I guess everyone wins a little.

I doodled this spooky Halloween scene up this morning with little Panda nosing over my shoulder. He is home sick today and resting up. It would be a shame to let “Wolverine” go unseen tonight amongst all the ghouls and goblins walking about.



Have a very happy and Spooooooky Halloween!


10 thoughts on “Beware the Fox!

    1. Hey! Thanks Inese! Sorry it took so long to respond this round. This time of year is so busy with birthdays and holidays and weather, you know. Thanks so much for the compliments on our carving. I was hesitant to carve with tiny fingers at my side this year, but he was fantastic and had a blast πŸ™‚ I hope your season has been enjoyable and your holidays will be too!

  1. I just love the rich color in this! AND, I like your new (blog) do. Looks great, though I thought the same about your last look, too.

    I have been thinking on Buddy’s portrait. I’m quieter in December, so I will work on getting that together for a portrait date with you after the new year.

    Thanks, Alisa!

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