We’ve Been Puddle Jumping


I realize my posting has been pretty scarce as of late. Forgive me, but we have been out and about enjoying this beautiful fall in the Midwest. Up until now, I have always held a special place in my heart for Blacksburg, VA as the most beautiful place to watch the leaves change. While I was studying at Virginia Tech, the leaves on campus changed to vibrant orange and maroon to match the spirit of the school colors every fall season. It was breathtaking all around as we nestled away in the mountains.


This year, I don’t believe the orange I remember back in the long ago days of university can hold a match to the vibrant orange coasting the tree lines here in Illinois. It’s a beautiful fall Ya’ll! I adore watching my little Panda rake up leaves to make jumping piles while baby fox attempts his first steps along the bushes and fence of our garden, maybe eating a few shreds of grass and leaves while mommy isn’t looking.


Every few days we take adventure walks through the tiny woods behind our house to hunt and gather leaves, mushrooms, sticks, and wildflowers. We make collages out of our nature materials and glitter bomb them as we see fit, oh the mess! If you ask my three year old what his most favorite thing in the world to do is, he will respond, “JUMPING IN MUCKY PUDDLES WITH RAINBOOTS!” So if you are ever wondering where I am lately, just assume I am jumping in mucky puddles with him. There is a little time for art. I might be doing that too if I’m lucky.





11 thoughts on “We’ve Been Puddle Jumping

  1. Hi! What beautiful photos. I love the action shots! Fall is gorgeous, though I find it hard to enjoy because of winter coming. Still, winter can be beautiful, too, right? Anyway, I love the puddle jumping bear! I’m glad to get back to your blog.

    1. Hi! Welcome back. Ive been looking for ya. This must mean you are back posting too 🙂 And thank you, yes fall is so gorgeous. It is gone in the blink of an eye, and snow is on the naked trees (as Panda calls them) hehe. I hope you are out getting to enjoy a little if it with your twins 😄

  2. Alisa Gosh! Those photo’s are so beautiful and rich in colour . Your kids a beautiful. I love your new look too and the bear in gummies is so cute. Autumn looks like a good time for you. Do your kids like Pepper Pig?

    1. Thank you Kath 😊 Autumn just kind of exploded with these colors this year. I tried to capture it in photos this year, but it is still nothing that the eyes can see. My boys looove Peppa Pig. The little one especially! Is that what reminded younof mucky puddles? Haha im sure that is where he got it from.

      1. My two, although now at ten and eleven will not admit they loved Peppa. I still do and I guess that the inner child in me. Love the illustrations and those gorgeous voices too.

  3. Love the pictures of your boys: My granddaughters are three and one. Each of your boys enjoys the fall – in their own way. Love their happy little faces 🙂
    Is that bear about to plant a tree? This is a season for planting trees 🙂

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