Autumn Walks


“Autumn Walks with Fox” 9×12 Watercolor and Ink

Hooray for Saturday! I don’t know about you, but we are snuggling up in scarves and boots and heading out! Enjoy the little things and do something creative.


11 thoughts on “Autumn Walks

  1. Alisa I hope you had a lovely autumn day I adore your fox and the little girl in her gumboots. I can tell you had lots of fun with this one. I am collating my picture book into a mock-up and was shocked to find I have all the words but still need many illustrations. Onwards with creativity I thought I was closer to the finish line sigh. So yes I will be doing creative stuff today on my sunday after a trip to Nanna’s house.

    1. Yes, this one was really fun, Kath! I need to bring myself to do more illustration. I find myself smiling at these little sketches and knowing this is the kind of art that makes me happy, others too. More illustration! Haha I’m so excited for you and getting your book collated! What a task! Always inspiring me do more and look at the big picture. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Nanna’s and had creativity flowing in all directions once you got home. Thanks for sharing and I wish we lived closer to have a sketching session to mix and mash ideas for an afternoon. Happy weekend!

      1. I wish we could have a session together too. My sisters have a group that meets where they all do something creative, some knit, crochet, sketch you name it. I love this idea and might try to start one out here, but I do not know many mums who would like to do this.

        Are you going to put your fox in a picture book? He needs to be out there.

      2. That’s a wonderful idea for a group! I hope you find a few mums πŸ™‚ everyone has some special hidden talents. Maybe wine helps haha. Yes, I have big plans for my fox, and thank you so much!

    1. Oh wonderful! I’m sure it was great. Just love the Midwest this time if year for about a month. Gotta take what nature gives us πŸ™‚ and thank you much for the compliment, I’m ready when you are. I love seeing buddy pop up in your blog!

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