Storm Country Landscape


A wet-on-wet watercolor of the stormy farm country skies. The end of summer has brought us a bucket of rainstorms and humidity so thick it slides down your skin like olive oil. I chased a few skylines and clouds as the storms were clearing out over the weekend and got to see some beautiful country. If you live around here, this is pretty common sight. During storm season, it’s erie and chaotic yet so beautiful.


*Little tip for landscape painting: stretch your paper properly so it doesn’t bow and wrinkle when you wet it. I like to run my paper under cool water and staple it down on a wood board. Let it dry naturally, or take a blow dryer to it for speedy set time. I also like to line the edge with a low adhesive painters tape.




11 thoughts on “Storm Country Landscape

    1. Thank you Eileen! It’s hard to really capture the storm skies as the colors and clouds move and vary so drastically within seconds. I guess that is why it’s so much fun to try and paint. Farm country is so beautiful during rain storms, and the light is like no other when the clouds part. Although, I went on my own to take pictures in the downpour and some of the lightning got a little too close for my comfort haha. I screamed like a little girl lol

    1. Sometimes I wonder how different your country looks from my country haha?! I would love to travel to your side of the world one day. And thank you for your always lovely comments on the art I create. You’re the best! Happy day to you too!

  1. I love your stormy night! The electrical wires add a lot to the drama: I have seen the downed wires touching in the storm and producing sparkles. It is always very spectacular. Love your watercolor paintings.
    What is that building? Looks very unusual and fascinating.

    1. Thank you, Inese! I love storm season here in the country. Fabulous changing skies and colors you would never see in a city. I feel lucky to see them! This building was a house, the lone one for miles. I believe it was being built, but still boarded up for the weather. What a strange solitary place to live, no one for miles.

  2. This is lovely. You’ve captured the “dark and foreboding” beautifully!

    Alisa, I don’t know what’s the deal with my Inbox, but I can’t find your responses to my Buddy portrait inquiry anywhere. What shall we do?

    Emily Grace

    1. Emily, Thank you! I cannot think why my emails are not coming to you!! I have been emailing you from my phone, so maybe there is a disconnect somehow there. Let me attempt to sit at the laptop tomorrow! I’m sorry for all the miscommunication.

      But as far as the portrait goes, I would be so happy to work on a Buddy commission. I was wondering if you are looking more for a real life portrait or more an illustration? Also, what size were you thinking about?

      1. Hi Alisa,

        Is the owl considered an illustration? I enjoy all these little animals you depict and think your way of depicting suits Buddy’s personality. I have no idea what size. Pricing will probably influence that.

        I’ll watch my inbox. Thanks! eg

      2. Hi Emily,

        Yes, my Tiny Owl is an illustration, and I would so enjoy capturing Buddy’s personality! I have sent you an email this morning and am following up here to ensure all goes smoothly. Alisa 😊

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