To Paint a Feeling


Where is the feeling in your art? Are you just painting something you can see, or are you feeling what you paint? Does it make you a bad artist if you don’t paint what you feel? Does it make you a better artist to paint from emotion?

Curiosity swayed me to put some emotion to paper. I decided to use my knowledge on atmospheric painting to try and project emotion instead of simply sketching facial expression. Painting atmospherically, to my understanding, is sketching very little to none and using colors and brushstrokes in an airy and loose way to create real emotion. You should be essentially painting a feeling, not an expression. I gave it a whirl.

I know, it all sounds very artsy-fartsy, blah-blah, to paint emotionally, but I’m telling you it makes a difference. I mean, how emotional can you get over the landscape, animal, or food subject you are painting? Maybe try to dig a little deeper and paint what matters to you. What would you paint?

I adore penguins. I think they are beautiful, sweet, and amazing survivors. It was hardly a challenge to try and convey how wondrous I find them. I focused on the brightness of color and light in the penguins feathers. I sketched out the general eye and head area but used long brushstrokes loaded with paint to create motion throughout the body.

Trust your emotion as an artist. It’s ok to show a little of your crazy. It’s ok to get a little emotional and do the inner struggle thing. Yeah, it sounds all self indulgent, egotistical, and annoying, but your art is a reflection of you. If you are crazy for pies, dogs, flowers…whatever! Try painting with a little of your crazy flag showing. Believe in yourself and show us a little more of YOU!

With that, have a fantastic weekend friends!


5 thoughts on “To Paint a Feeling

  1. Your penguin gives a feeling of deep love for your art Alisa. Those colours are stunning. I know I paint or draw better when the image inspires me. It may not be about the subject I am illustrating it may be the colours or the way the sun touches it or even and the shadows for me. I remember an artist friend told me to look at any image I am trying to capture in blocks of colour and depth of shadows. Love your emotions experiment.

    1. Your artist fried has given you fantastic advice๐Ÿ˜„ I am continually evolving in how I look at things to paint. I look at my work from years ago and see these one or two toned flat pieces, and I’m happy how things have changed lol. I do always see an aura in your illustrations like you describe, whether it is the light or contrast… It shines through. Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on this penguin piece, Kath!

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