Sweet Peony Bouquet


Ah blending. I feel like I used to be better at this. I have been practicing and practicing, trying to get the feeling back in my fingers. What once came so naturally in the past feels so meditated and unnatural as I weave in and out of this sweet little bouquet. It has been a long time since I painted a simple bouquet of flowers. I’ve decided I need a few repeat lessons and A LOT more practice.

Thankfully there are so many helpful blending technique tutorials on YouTube now, and I’ve dusted off a few of my college lesson books for reference. One thing I have learned this year is, never get comfortable in your art. Always learn. Always listen and watch. Copy and compare, and by all means practice everything. Don’t get caught up in finding your style, because you always need more practice to grow. Watercolor is amazing because it’s so fluid and freeing, but you must learn to control it. It’s the little catch 22 for getting to work with such a beautiful medium.


5 thoughts on “Sweet Peony Bouquet

    1. Pamela, that is just so sweet, and I thank you. I’m always in practice with watercolors, and I threw away 6 pieces before I settled on this one, just so you know! I love your art. You have a colorful and whimsical style and so unique with your beautiful quilt designs.

  1. Alisa watercolour I find is one of the hardest mediums to master, I do not dabble in it because I do not have a light hand and forget to leave my white areas lol. You have a gift with it. This painting for me is like opening a window to a fresh spring breeze, oh I can almost smell the garden looking at this and dreaming of spring. Its not too far now. This is stunning by the way.

    1. Thank you so much! You definitely must have a light hand with watercolor, but that just makes me stay on my toes. No lazy painting haha! I forget my white all time too and think.. Now what am I going to do… Drink less coffee haha I hope you are snuggled up and at least enjoying the cozy parts of your winter. It is so hot here as we approach the end of our summer.

  2. It’s funny that you would mention blending, because that’s one of the things that stands out to me in your art- beautiful, seamless blending! So don’t be so hard on yourself- where you see a flaw, others see beauty đŸ™‚

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