There’s a PUG in my Peonies!


I’ve been sketching away at delicate floral work this week, and it was time to take a break and have a laugh. I found myself dreaming up a ridiculously chubby puppy named Pugsley who constantly interrupts me while I’m trying to get things done. I couldn’t completely get off track, so I kept in with my peonies direction and threw Pugsley right into the mix. It makes me laugh just looking at his bulgy eyes.

I want to work on him a little more. I feel he could have chubbier wrinkles and bigger eyes, maybe a little more goofy expression. I’m sure I’ll need another giggle break at some point this week.

How do you break up your work day and find a smile?


9 thoughts on “There’s a PUG in my Peonies!

  1. Alisa love the peonies, love the pug. I have a friend who would think this was awesome, because she loves the colour pink and is mad on Pugs. Much fun, I usually read after I illustrate and illustrate after I write. I bounce from one passion to the next, which ever takes my mood.

    1. Oh great! Make sure she gets a smile in today with Pugsley! Pugs seem to make almost everyone smile, much like penguins! Thanks for sharing- It’s great how you can bounce back and fourth between your talents during your work day. The most important part has got to be having fun, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. She loved it, and was having an average day until I shared your Pug on her timeline, it made her smile and that is what I love about art, we can have fun and share and make someones day…. so thank you Alisa for your beautiful art.

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