The Succulent Wall

This past week was the last week before Panda began his first week of Pre-K! My how time flies. It has been a little bittersweet watching him take his first steps on his own. I mean, I have been there for all his firsts. I’ve been there to guide him and help him through his happy days and bad ones, and now he is moving onto a new and exciting world that is all his own. I’m so happy for him. I’ve done all I know to do in preparation for the big leap into boyhood, and I’m confident he will soar. I’m so proud of him!

This is a new adventure for little Fox and me too! We have never really had just ‘us’ time. We played and danced around the house this morning, chased the dog, and got in a little buddy yoga. Now, he is nestled into his sleep sack, snoozing away in his crib upstairs.

And now, I have time that is just mine…all mine! What?!? I could sketch or paint. I could have a cup of coffee that I don’t have to reheat several times before eventually drinking cold anyways. Today I choose to call a friend of mine to wish her Happy Birthday and actually give her my undivided attention. How I have missed the uninterrupted phone call. I’m going to make that cup of coffee too!

I’m all settled into my new morning routine (for the moment), so I can share with you The Succulent Wall. The boys and I spent one of our last summer days together last week at Vander Veer Park in Iowa. The kiddos spent their smiles and giggles on feeding the ducks at the pond and going for a walk to the fountains. Panda is a pro with the ducks now and was particularly fond of the tiny ducklings jumping out of the water to catch the corn nibblets. This was Fox’s first time, and he was all squeals and fingers waving to the pond dwellers.

Once our feathered friends were satisfied, we strolled over to one of the most beautiful walls in the park. I remembered it tucked away on our visit last year and wanted to take a few photos for some future paintings.


Of course I had my favorites among them…





and Panda had his favorites too…



I want to paint them all! I may have my own wall of succulents to frame by the end of this plant obsession. Here is my new one for the week. The pale blue was tricky to mix, but I found it calming just to paint in this color scheme overall.



6 thoughts on “The Succulent Wall

  1. Alisa, I would love a wall such as this, my succulent collection suffers in the winter, under a giant frost. It use to be an obsession of mine, when I lived in a warmer climate. Panda is gorgeous, love the photos and your delicate touch when it comes to painting anything.

    1. Kath, thank you! I’m with you! I really would love to build in a succulent wall and just grow and grow! They each have their own characteristics that make them unlike any other one. I recently bought my first succulent for my desk. It’s tiny, and I really hope he doesn’t suffer the same fate as my cactus!

  2. Alisa – I am a huge fan of cactuses and any other succulents. That wall is a piece of art! I so love your painting – you see the soul of the plant. They are tough and can survive almost everything, but their soul is gentle. It is so wonderful that your boys love Nature and living creatures.
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Inese! It really is something to see. I’d love to put it right in my back yard πŸ™‚ Thanks for the warm compliments on my little painting too. Gentle and soft is exactly how I see them too. And some of them actually ARE soft and furry!

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