The boys


Hello, Monday! I’m so happy to have a post ready for you so early in the week. It’s rare indeed, but I had a little time to work on this sketch of the boys over the weekend. I feel a little out of practice with my illustrations having taken time off to explore other watercolor techniques, however I feel more confident than ever that illustration is the right direction to keep expanding in.

As for family life, it has been all about watching the boys. Things are changing! Little Fox is approaching his 8 month mark, and everything is exciting and new for him. He is rolling all over the house, practicing his crawling, and assuming multiple yoga poses as he strengthens and grows. He can strike a mean plank position!

Big brother, Panda, is starting preschool in two weeks! We have explored and used up almost every learning outlet that we can here on our own, and he is ready! In these last few days before he is engulfed by a new world of independence, he is all over his little brother. They have been doing everything together. I have an older brother myself, and I can remember the days of hanging onto everything he was doing, annoyingly so at times.

Big brothers make life seem so large and wonderful as a little kid. They have the cool toys and get to do everything first, so you just want to do it all too. Up until now, the boys have been kind of “in the same room, doing different things,” but now that Fox is a little older, they can do things together. It is a wonder to watch them play, learn from each other, tumble and discover. Drawing them together seemed like the most honest illustration I could do right now. Their new dynamic is joyful and comedic. They are continually my inspiration and leave my heart singing!

Time to pry little Fox off the leg of the dinning table and clear the mountains of building blocks Panda has covered me in as I write. Hope you all have a great start to your week.


6 thoughts on “The boys

  1. So cute! I love how Fox is squishing panda’ s face. We know all about “big brother” over here. My older son has 3.5 years on his little brother, so he is a God to him! Yesterday they were playing soccer in the backyard. I love seeing them play together and get along. πŸ™‚

  2. Alisa delightful is a word I would use for the illustration and enjoy this time with your toddlers, they grow up so fast and when you look back you will have these images to remind you of the magic. Your work brings smiles to my face and today I learned a little more about your beautiful family.

    1. Hi Kath! You always make me smile with your comments! Thanks for always being so encouraging to me. I admire your work so much, and you inspire me to keep moving forward. These babies are growing up so very fast…I really have to stop and say- put down the camera and just watch, play, and enjoy πŸ˜„

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