Ink Mountains


Happy Friday Everyone! I’m wrapping up my week of contemporary experimental painting. This last piece was probably the most calming and yet nerve wrecking piece of them all. I wish I could explain my whole process, but this was created over the course of many hours and many layers. I hope you will just enjoy it for what it is or isn’t, and let it take you somewhere. For me, it did not begin at the foot of the mountain, but I did end up at the top of the highest peak in a full on Yogic handstand.

Pouring ink. What can I say? It is very controlled, and yet you have no control over where it essentially rests. You can guide it and slow it down, but it will only stop when it’s ready. I saved the black ink for the very last layer in the process. I poured vertically at a very low incline. It pooled into areas that were left wet from the last layer. I added more water with a large round brush to areas I wanted the ink to creep into and blotted with a dry paper towel when I wanted it to slow down. I loved every minute of learning to flow with it.

Give it a try this weekend if you are feeling adventurous! Just wet some watercolor paper in places, and drop or pour in some black India ink. You can move the paper itself, use a brush, or just keep adding water and ink. It makes for some great art therapy.

Here is a close up of the first ink pour after it dried.



8 thoughts on “Ink Mountains

    1. Thank you, Kath. We love to use watercolor and blow with straws too. The creative play is so much fun. I think as an illustrator you would really love to try the ink and water pouring. It’s just a different experience.

    1. It’s wonderful to just explore, isn’t it? Old materials become new again and new materials open up so many creative inspirations. What is your favorite thing about Japanese brush painting? I tried it a few years ago, mildly, and thought it was so different! Brave even.

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