With no expectations, I painted openly and freely today. It has been so long since I painted with all of my supplies in front of me and just let the paper soak up the flow. I was open to change and emotion and felt like being kind to myself.

To begin, I just played with colors I really adore like turquoise and indigo and let things just happen from there. I painted wet on wet the entire length of the painting. I used large brushes and droppers and skipped the tiny brushes and minuscule details I so often frequent. I leaped away from my illustration mindset and it felt really good. In addition to watercolor, I worked in black and white India ink and some iridescent copper gold. When I finished, I had to wipe down the walls and use ink cleaner to get all the drops and splashes off of my pristine white desk.

This is as far from my style as I have ever wandered before, and I think i’m pretty open to exploring this kind of abstract mindset for the week. It was really enjoyable to paint on a significant piece of paper too! I typically contain myself to a 5-10 inch canvas, so the white of this 18 x 24 paper was almost blinding. With all the texture and layers, I’m almost scared to pull it off the stretch board.

It felt good to just be me.

As little Panda came sleepy eyed down from his nap, he took a glance at the large canvas and said, “I think those are beautiful flowers, Mommy.” I really loved that the most.



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