I have all these ideas for little art pieces I want to paint for the boy’s bedrooms. The problem is, by the time I get around to painting them they have moved onto something new. Right now, I have a few illustrations hanging in little Fox’s room, because I had time to pre-design and paint them before his arrival seven months ago. Panda, on the other hand, can switch between John Deere Tractors to Spider-Man in the blink of an eye. Currently he is into sports cars but only Chevys.

Since interests are ever evolving, I decided to spruce up their bathroom instead. A child’s bathroom can be pretty straightforward. Their’s is painted sea green with gray, white, and yellow chevron stripes as accents. There is a little penguin painted tile hanging on the wall above the toilet that we picked up at the St. Louis Zoo years before they were even a thought. I decided the little penguin needed some buddies to bring a more playful atmosphere to the splash arena.

I sketched up some boards and colored them with my watercolor pencils. I cut each board to fit in a little five dollar frame, and played with the layout a bit to get a fun vibe. We ended up with a blue whale and a surf boarding penguin.

What kind of art have you made for your kids?




13 thoughts on “Splash!

  1. They are so cute! I’ve painted a couple of sharks and a tractor for my boys and some monkeys for my daughter. Sometimes I paint something and they say, “can I hang that in my room?” Which I take as a huge compliment!

    1. Thanks Eileen! That is the best compliment when your kids say they like your art! It’s so genuine and real it makes you feel so proud šŸ™‚ I’d love to see your tractor painting sometime. I’m trying to get some ideas for my son. John Deere world headquarters is a few miles from our house, so he has been ‘over’ exposed to tractors his whole life haha. I may have to make that my next project šŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you, Inese! They are slowly taking up small spaces in our home. I am only letting them trickle in lightly haha. I just love what you did with tinker bell and the oyster shell with pearls! It is so cute! When is your granddaughter’s birthday?

      1. Alisa – thank you, glad you like my fairies. The birthday is in two months, and I have made another four pictures:) Children will remember us for doing something special for them:)

  2. Alisa what lucky kids to see your art everyday. I have a painting on my daughters wall of her feeding her favourite cow and I have a spotty horse on my sons wall that I painted of him offering it a lollipop. So much fun. Have great week.

    1. Kath, Those sound like so much fun! What cute idea to paint portraits of them each for their rooms. I love that your son was feeding the spotty horse a lollipop haha! I’m going to need to do my son with a John Deere tractor! Thanks for sharing šŸ˜„

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