So I bought my kid a fish…

9×12 watercolor illustration

…and it is still alive!

She, according to Panda, is a spunky goldfish named Goldie. He is very original when it comes to naming his stuffed animals. His black bear is named Black bear, and his blue bear is named Blue. His largest stuffed animal is a green tortoise named Turtle, and of course Black Bear was taken, so his tiniest stuffed animal was given the name ‘Little’ Black Bear. There are a few giraffe oddballs mixed in like Twiggy and Shaw too.

When it came time to pick out his fish, we took a drive to the store and talked about how to care for his new fish, where it would live, and what kind of fish he would pick. “Maybe they will have a green fish or a WHALE, Mommy!” he said. I smiled and encouraged the imagination of my three year old to bounce around and explore. “I should not like a shark because it will bite my hand,” he stated very seriously.

Once there, he chose a small one gallon tank with a filter, and some very bright rocks for a bed. Now came the fish.

There were fish of all sorts to pick from in every size and shape. There were tiny neon fish, fat black fish, guppies, catfish, etc. I was in a trance myself watching them swim about in their tanks eating the gobs of food they had just been fed. As I looked over to see what Panda was admiring, he had his finger following a perky little goldfish, nose smashed to the tank glass. “That one,” he said. I paid $0.37 for the goldfish and said a little prayer he would survive the ride home in the little plastic bag.

As we drove home, he sang ‘Rock-a-Bye, Baby’ to his fish and named him Sprinkles. I thought it was the perfect name, but as we rounded the corner of our driveway he shouted, ” Her name is Goldie, and she is a SHE, because she is a goldfish!” Again I smiled with delight at his original name choice, and said a sweet goodbye to the momentary ‘Sprinkles’ encounter.

My inspiration for this illustration comes from the story above. I actually had a boy drawn into the scene, but it just didn’t look as cute. I just couldn’t resist a tutu and a flower. Also, I finally got to try out my Inktense watercolor pencils. Yes, I adore them. The colors are quite brilliant! I’m so excited to see all the things I can do with these. It’s like a magic trick every time you add the water. It makes me feel like a kid again.

Oh, and here is Goldie!



13 thoughts on “So I bought my kid a fish…

  1. Ha ha! Too cute! I LOVE the whale in there to go with the story πŸ™‚ It’s so amazing how kids minds work πŸ˜‰ I must admit though, Panda’s in the same club that I was in as a child. Dolly and Teddy never seemed to mind their names though πŸ˜‰

    1. Aw thanks Cricket! May as well pick a name you’re sure to remember at 3 or any age πŸ™‚ I just imagined…what if there were tiny whales? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?!

  2. Thank you so much for telling this heartwarming story about Panda and his fish! And for showing the pictures too, surely! πŸ™‚ Your drawing is soooooo cute!

    Have fun with Goldie!

  3. Hello dear! Thank you so much, and I’m so happy you enjoyed the story. Kids are such an inspiration, and I just love my Panda to bits. Goldie is pretty cute, but I should probably talk to this fish less than I do haha. Hugs back to you!

  4. Love the whale, wonderful the inspiration our little ones give us. I am not showing my little ones the picture of Goldie aka Sprinkles though, those stones alone will make them want one and we have a cat….

    1. Our kids are the best inspiration for sure! And thank you πŸ™‚ It’s probably a pretty hard to have a cat and a fish tank, especially if you have an energetic cat. My brother has two cats and a fish tank though so I’m sure you could make it work πŸ˜‰ haha

  5. Hooray for Goldie! Sounds like an exciting expedition to buy her. I’m excited for your son. I actually had a series of goldfish all named Goldie when I was younger (Goldie I, Goldie II…)–guess I was about as creative with the naming as your son!

    1. Haha that seems to be the popular name, though I was laughing at Goldie I…II…III haha. This Goldie name may be perfect… Just in case. Thanks for always sharing your thoughts here!

  6. Alisa meant to comment the other day and became distracted by kiddies. Goldie is very cute and so is the girl with the whale as her friend. Thats what i love about art anything can happen and our kids can show us the way.

    1. Haha they are good at the distraction 😝 Thanks for coming back to leave a comment! It makes me appreciate it that much more. Kids are definitely a huge driving inspiration! I notice that so many children’s books that we read are dedicated to the authors kids, and there is no question as to why! Thanks for always supporting my illustrations, Kath!

      1. Alisa you are an inspiration to me, when I see magic happening on the page I feel like creating too. We are so lucky we can express ourselves through art and I look forward to your posts.

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