The Rainy Garden


As I stepped out onto the patio today, I let a brief cooling breeze sweep over me. In the moment, it was calm and sweet. I let the dog out to do her “business” in the garden and took a long sip from my hot coffee. Seconds later, the sky filled with gray and the rain began to fall on my cheeks.

Some moments, simple as they may be, stick with you. This was one of those. I felt inspired to take my little moment and try and capture it in a children’s illustration. The more I dig into the world of illustrating for children, the more I am drawn in. I’m challenged to play, let go, and use my imagination.

After I finished this pencil sketch in the afternoon, I returned to the garden and took a picture of where I was standing earlier. I thought it would be fun to compare the viewpoints of myself and the little girl in my sketch.



9 thoughts on “The Rainy Garden

  1. Hi! I nominated you for a Black Wolf Blogger award. Check out my latest post for the further instructions:) Your blog is great and you are very talented!

    1. I’m honored! Thank you so much for thinking of me Inese! By the way, I just adore your gravatar photo. I can’t believe you held a fox. It’s one of my many dreams to hold a real fox. Just lovely! Thanks again for the nomination!

      1. Alisa, I understand you, it was my dream too!:) I cannot wait to see them again in July:) I will write more about them. All three love to be held, don’t mind at all. And they love their family dogs too:). My best wishes to you!

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