Morning Pencil Sketching


Things have taken a turn since yesterday’s sunny strawberry lemonade post. Besides storming all night, little fox kept me up on twenty minute baby patrols. I don’t think there was any one thing in particular that was bugging him, but he was adamant about keeping me on high alert for rocking and nursing.

I can’t blame all of last night on the baby though. It was one of those ‘things are way off’ feeling evenings which carries into the morning and follows you the rest of the day. We have all just been a little – off. Whatever it is, it showed up in my quick morning sketch.

I like to keep things pretty light and positive here on the blog, but we all just have those days. I managed to steal about twenty minutes before the boys both woke up today and whipped out my watercolor pencils. I made a rough sketch of a sleepy fox and working in the coffee became an obvious addition.

I’m not particularly fond of this doodle, but I felt like I should post it. I took a side by side photo of the before water and after water application just to show how intense you can develop these pencils. The color mixing has still been a bit challenging to gauge, but maybe I’ll just doodle some circles and wash them together to practice the textures and mixing. Any tips on techniques are gladly welcomed!

As for the rest of today, it looks like take out pizza is on the menu. Sorry Hunny, I know you are reading this. Like I said, it’s just one of those days.


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