Strawberry Lemonade


Can you believe it’s already June? It’s strawberry season! It finally feels like summer here in the country. I’m so excited to take the boys out to the strawberry farm and pick baskets of yummy sweet berries. The last time we went, Panda was just barely a year old. I took so much joy in watching him sneak bites off the berries and wipe the red juice all over his shirt. He was an adorable mess! I’m one of those moms that thinks – the dirtier the kid the more fun. We can always hose down in the back yard!

We picked up a small basket of strawberries on our grocery run this weekend, and since then I have been dreaming of little ways to enjoy them while they are still in season. We baked a really delicious strawberry upside down cake last year, but it feels a little heavy this summer. Strawberry lemonade sounds delightful. Does anyone have a fresh all natural recipe? I’m on the search…

“Strawberry Lemonade” is a 5×7 watercolor illustration and part my “Enjoy the Little Things” series.


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