Lazy Sunday Sketch

This week, I acquired a set of two dollar watercolor pencils from Walmart. I’ve been curious for quite some time about them. From what I’d gathered, you either love them or hate them. I thought they might be perfect for practicing little cute animal sketches from the “let’s draw cute animals” book I’ve mentioned in previous blogs.

We were expecting rain today, and everyone has been a bit drained from our summer activities this weekend, so it was a great day for a lazy Sunday. I managed a few sketches with my new pencils, and happily… I love them. They give the animals a very childlike look to them with thicker lines and bolder details. The surprising part was the way the water just took control of all the lines. If you have not tried watercolor painting in the past, this is the way to get started.

You can wet the pencil tip itself for bold lines, draw directly on wet paper, or take a wet brush to your drawings to “activate” an instant watercolor look. Here is a little Bassett hound I borrowed from the book and altered a bit.


A spring bear…


Some tabby cats…


Having very little set up and clean up, you could take these pencils just about anywhere for a quick session. I know there are so many different levels of quality and cost for watercolor pencils, but I’m happy with my two dollar starter set from the crayon supply isle. It gives me a childlike playfulness with my illustrations. After all, doesn’t it make sense that if you want to illustrate for children you should take a step into their world and use the things they are used to seeing? I really love drawing characters and then asking Panda which ones he likes best. I feel that it gives me my very own test study for children’s book illustration.

I do hope you have all been enjoying your weekends, lazy or otherwise.


9 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Sketch

    1. That’s so nice. Thank you! You are such a talented writer that I’m sure letting the pencils slide a little isn’t too disheartening. I think it’s more about having fun. Do what makes you happy!

    1. Thanks Ray! I’d say I’m an ‘animal’ person. I do love dogs and am Mom to an adorable Shiba Inu. How about you? Ok, so I agree on the Walmart thing, however since we moved to the middle of the cornfields in Illinois, Walmart is pretty much all we have close by. When we shop local, it’s about 30 minutes away. That can be challenging with two little ones. Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

  1. You’re right. Somehow the pencils really do take you into a child’s-eye view of the world. I could see a children’s book illustrated like that, like you say. The tabby cats are especially fun šŸ™‚

  2. Alisa I would be lost without my pencils but i bought the derwent soft colour range not cheap but vibrant and beautiful range of colours.Love your pencil sketches, very cute. My daughter has a cheaper set and she still gets lots of good mileage out of hers. They are still derwent though.

    1. Thanks for the tip Kath! This was a starter endeavor. I just don’t believe in investing in a pricey set until I’ve at least tested the waters. Now that I’ve dipped my toe in, I’m ready to jump in! Haha I’ve heard a few brands are really great. Are your Derwent the Inktense? I have my eye on them. Thanks so much for chiming in. It’s always great to hear from you!

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