The Lemon Tree


The more I become familiar with this new character I’ve been sketching, the more I get the feeling that she somehow has evolved into a loose illustration of myself. How did that happen? I can’t tell you just how much I hate painting self portraits. I’ve been forced to on a number of occasions through art classes and have never enjoyed looking into the mirror so to speak. I never quite look like the person I see staring back, and I have an eye that is a little smaller than the other that is impossible to align. As a result, I end up with a semi crooked looking portrait of a trying to be, but not quite Asian girl.

But this girl is different. I can make her whatever I want as she is not a depiction of me. There are a few similarities though. Her hair is always a little messy with larger bits always cascading from her bun. She has a content disposition and a smirk on her lips. She is no specific ethnicity, though one could argue she looks European or Asian with the darker hair and olive skin. She enjoys the simple things in life like holding baby animals and gardening. That’s about as far as she has developed.

I kind of like the fact that I can put bits of myself into her character but also build her differently from myself. For example, this girl is a bit wafer-y in stature with a petite physique. I on the other hand, while petite in height, cater to a more sturdy or muscular stature. Maybe she is a little more feminine than I am. While I would adore going about my days in pink spring dresses, I take the yoga pant- tank top style very seriously when I’m elbow deep in diapers and dishes. Maybe she will rub off a little on me too.

“The Lemon Tree” is a 5×7 watercolor illustration and part of my new “Enjoy the Little Things” series.


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