Let’s draw cute animals!

Everything is kind of blurry right now as I look at my computer screen. Fox was a little mischievous all night and kept us up yet again. I feel you can only be woken up so many times before you throw your hands up and go do something other than play yo-yo with your sanity and sleep cycle. I’m really rooting for that second tooth to come in, though I will miss seeing that goofy “all gums” smile glaring up at me.

Around three a.m. this morning, I made my way to the coffee pot and suppose I had a cup of coffee. I really don’t remember drinking it, but there is a trail of signs that I did. The pot is on, my favorite mug has a ring of coffee grounds in a little pool of damp liquid, and there is one less K-cup in the dispenser. Beyond that, I certainly don’t feel awake and it seems my one chance at coffee deliverance has been lost. Most people could make another cup or two, but I’m one of the lucky ones that can only have one cup a day thanks to being a nursing mom. No worries, maybe the toothpicks under the eyelids method still works. I’ll try that next.

Since I was up, I decided to do a little sketch work. I’ve been reading through this book, illustration school: let’s draw cute animals by Sachiko Umoto, as a tool to learn more about body movement and facial expression. It’s a very quick read with many examples of how to draw animals like you did as a child. I took some of my new found knowledge and put it on paper.

I have been painting panda bears for a while now but have never shared one with you all. I’ve always felt they were too simple or sad looking, and just haven’t really been crazy about them. With a few silly tweaks here and there…


I could write something like, “You’ve got this!” There is a little more confidence there for developing a few new paper item’s for the shop anyways. Time willing, a line of inspirational cards with silly illustrations like this one would be fun to create.

Recently, I ordered a sample pack of products from a company I may consider printing some of my original work with. I was very hesitant to make recreations when I started all of this, but thanks to so many of you encouraging me to look in that direction, I did!

I hear little panda footsteps of my own coming down the stairs. Back to reality. Hope you are all having a great Tuesday!



18 thoughts on “Let’s draw cute animals!

      1. Well I can’t wait to see what develops from them πŸ™‚ It really is challenging to put focus and time into all the different projects isn’t it?

  1. Hoooooiiii – this is sooooo cute, Alisa! Hope to see more of your lovely animal drawings soon!
    Have a wonderful wednesday!
    Cheers! (First coffeetime for me today πŸ˜‰ )
    β™₯ Britta
    (sitting on my fingers not to order this nice book, too)

    1. Hi Britta! So nice to hear from you. No doubt you are busy sketching away in your gorgeous notebooks for school. Thank you! And yes, this book is so simple and cute. I found it in the bargain section too for just a few dollars. Order away πŸ™‚ Enjoy that coffee and you have a lovely day too!

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