Nesting Birds

Little robins are scurrying all around busily gathering bits of twigs and garland for their nests. With every step, more wings lift off the ground, and the grass and air is floating with browns, reds, and grays. On our morning walk today, Panda was counting all the robins and trying to sing them little songs to help them hunt. A very warm smile spread across my lips as I adored his little ways.

Over the past few weeks, the robins have been increasing in numbers jumping along the fences and propping their chubby bodies onto our blossoming trees. Out the kitchen window, a very large mama robin has settled into the best tree of the garden and continues to grow and grow. Her colors are so earthy and yet bright with cheer. We giggle every time we see her, as she is quite hefty at this point. The eggs are coming!

This week I’ve been returning to birds in my designs. How could I not with so much inspiration? I’ve added these Robin & Floral Gift Tags to my Etsy shop along with a few more items. Mother’s Day is May 11 this year in the United States! That leaves just over two weeks to get your orders put in on time. Have a great day and link on over to My Shop on your coffee break πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Nesting Birds

    1. Aww thanks! It’s the best time of the whole year when spring begins to blossom. It’s been such a grey winter, so it’s nice to have some fresh floral inspiration!

  1. your photo compositions always looks great! (sigh) i wish i could do that. Yours is always clean with a touch of soft hues, and it makes your illustrations pop out πŸ™‚

    1. Wow, such a compliment coming from you! Thank you! I keep things simple I suppose, since I’m not comfortable doing complicated yet. Your work always inspires me to work toward little details. I so appreciate the comment!

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