I once read that you must always, always, always sign your art. If you don’t, you must not think it’s worth your name. Since then, I have gotten much better at doing so. I have never particularly liked seeing my signature. It sort of has a bubbly adolescent feel to it that I have never been able to train away. Obviously I want to take pride in my work, so I sat down one afternoon and practiced until I came to an agreement with my paint brush.

Do you sign all your work? I guess it’s all about branding. People want to put a name to the style of art they are taking in, so why not make it a little easier for them. If you plan on selling your art, it becomes even more important that you brand. Sign your work, and while you are at it, get some business cards.

Yes, we all have digital devices that can find people and record information, but a business card is a piece of reality you can put in the palm of someone’s hand. It is a lot easier for someone to follow through if they have what they want given to them instead of having to search for it on their own.

If you are in a small business “start up” situation like me, there is no need to get extravagant at the get-go either. Thanks to a little specialty card stock, a forgiving printer, and my very dear and patient husband, I was able to make up some simple business cards to get me started with my little business venture.

I wanted it to look like I owned a very cool vintage typewriter, so I picked a simple font and kept things basic. I do not of course own a vintage typewriter currently, but maybe after I sell a few paintings.


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