We have had a beautiful spring day here in Illinois. It is the first 70 degree and sunny day of the year. I love the feeling of intention and warmth this mark of the seasons brings. It feels peaceful. However you find peace, I hope you find some this weekend.


5 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Oh Dear… I LOVE Milo the fox and especially THIS “ooohhhhmmmm”-Yoga-drawing!
    Will it sometimes be sold at your Etsy shop ? (I mean a print of it…)
    ♥ it!
    Have a wonderful sunny spring starting weekend!

    1. Haha hi! Loved your comment today! Thank you ❤️ yes, I will have this original available at the shop. I am actually not selling prints of my art just yet. Everything is handmade and original. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. Maybe in the future I’ll expand. I hope you have a beautiful weekend friend!

      1. Hi Alisa – its 5.45 in the morning and I just turnd the internet on 😉 – and the first thing I find and read is your message ♥
        Ok, I will always have a look at Etsy, (Sorry that I didn´t realize that you sell your ORIGINALS! Unbelievable… wow!) hopefully I will not miss Milo practising his meditation!
        Have a wonderful sunday full of love and creativity!!

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