Panda Paints Summer

Panda gets to have the spotlight today.  I thought I would take a few minutes to be a proud mama and tell you how he painted me a summer day.

We woke up to what looked like another gray and gloomy day in the winter that never ends.  Breakfast consisted of coffee and donuts from the town shop, and we all sat around our table and sang half awake silly songs about nothing.

After a breakfast of sprinkles and cake, Panda was bouncing off the walls and in terrible need of a project.  He has been asking to paint for a few days now, so I pulled his craft table up to my desk.  I got him some proper watercolor paper, instead of his usual sketchbook pad (too thin), and he got started.  He tuned me out and really got into mixing and mumbling to himself, “Blue plus red makes…purple.”

saturday morning paint session

Since he was happy and occupied, I decided to pop open my journal to have some impromptu sketch time too.  I decided to work on some studies of the birds hopping around outside.

As I looked over at Panda’s masterpiece, he looked up at me and said, “Mama, I painted you a summer day!”  It was beautiful.  Anything he would have painted would have been beautiful in my mind, but this one was extra special on this cold gray morning.  Sunshine on a summer day is just what we needed.

It’s about 3 o’clock here, and I thought I would document that little Panda has literally brought the sun out from the clouds, and it is streaming through our windows.

Here is his masterpiece…

bird study


and a few silly birds…




11 thoughts on “Panda Paints Summer

  1. Hej Alisa! What a wonderful painting event! Thanks for sharing it! This are the moments of purepure love – doing somethings side by side… perfect!
    I love the way Panda paints summer for you – it´s a so heartwarming painting with perfect summer colours and and a lovely heartformed cloud in the middle… LOVE!
    Enjoy your time!
    ♥ Britta
    … your crowd of birds is very lovely too – of course! 🙂

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