What’s in your garden?

Robins and Cardinals

Currently, there are little visitors setting up home in our backyard.  Little nests are being built in almost every one of our trees and bushes.   For some reason the birdies just love it here.  Mostly, we look forward to peeking out our kitchen window and seeing the puffed up red cardinals hopping in-between the branches.  It’s like a painting to see barren branches and bright red feathers.  Spring is by far my most favorite time of year in this part of the country.  Hopefully, it will warm up soon for them.

Robins Nest w/gold

Note: Above stationery inspired by our current tenant situation.


7 thoughts on “What’s in your garden?

  1. Nice to have such colourful visitors. Our garden is still in development, but we are Lucky enough to see Rainbow lorikeets and cockatoos. Love the birdsnest with the blue eggs by the way.

    1. I imagine your garden has so many more colors where you live! I simply love lorikeets. My son and I always look forward to feeding them guava 🙂 thanks so much for the nice compliment!

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