It’s Almost Friday, Little Bird

blue bird and flowering budsIt’s almost Friday, and it has taken all week to get this little bird completed.  Normally, I don’t like to put down a watercolor project for too long, but I cannot count the times I’ve had to revisit this one.

Having a hobby, or part-time job, as a stay-at-home Mom with two kids under two has its challenges.  As much as I try to make realistic time for painting everyday, some days it’s just not going to happen. Naps don’t always happen.  I count on those little breaks to cram a few bites of nuts and cheese, make my afternoon cup of coffee, and dip my brush in water. It’s my therapy, my time to just zone out and relax.

I’ve left this little feathered friend on my desk for a few days, returning to it in little ten minute increments.  I’m happy to see it finished, because it’s a small testament to holding onto a little piece of myself in the face of chaos.

Here’s to a happy Friday friends!


8 thoughts on “It’s Almost Friday, Little Bird

    1. I’m so humbled, thank you! I can’t wait to see your first bird! I could not see a photo link on your post though? Are you planning to post a picture on another entry?

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