Feathers No. 2

Feathers No. 2

Afternoon watercolor improv. This is what I love about watercolor. Five minutes in between tackling the two year old to the ground and rocking the baby to sleep, I can throw down with water and brushes.  I’m thinking this would make a lovely piece of nursery art now. It started as black ink on white paper until Hubs made a comment that it looked like crow feathers. I wasn’t too fond of the commentary, so I grabbed the two brightest colors that were pre-mixed from a previous paint session. Splatter. Splat. Improv! I can’t tell you what bird has pink and black feathers though…

Oh, and Gouache!  My new best friend. Those little white specks are my first attempt at opaque white Gouache. You can layer white on top of your watercolors instead of pre-masking. I’m probably the last to know that fun little fact, but I’m thrilled.


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